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Changzhou Engineering and Technology Institute of Jiangsu University, co-founded by Jiangsu University and Changzhou municipal government in May 2009, serves as a university-industry-research collaboration platform for technology R&D, technology transfer, IP services focused on areas such as agricultural equipment, automobile and rail transit, advanced manufacturing and new energy, based on scientific & technological strengths of Jiangsu University, and the development of Changzhou's specific industries. The institute consists of an administration office, a university-industry-research collaboration office, an IP service office, an intelligent agricultural equipment department and the international technology transfer center. It is the Intelligent Agriculture Subsidiary of Technology Achievements Transfer and Transformation Center of Changzhou Science and Education Town. Till now, the institute has co-founded with CRRC Qishuyan Co., Ltd. "Changzhou Vibration Noise and Control Technology Service Center", "Tractor Digital R&D Center" with Changzhou Dongfeng Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd., "Pilot Intelligent Equipment Base for River Crab Breeding" with Jintan Aquatic Technology Training Station, and "Pilot Intelligent Farm" with the First Farm Technology Co., Ltd.

The International Technology Transfer Centre for UK-Jiangsu World-class University Consortium, chaired by Jiangsu University and Liverpool University, was officially launched in November 2020 in the institute. The centre, with the aim to integrate the strengths of the consortium members in technology, talent and programs,  is dedicated to promoting commercialisation of international scientific innovation achievements,  introduction and nurturing of talents and programs, as well as international technology exchange.

The current business of the institute covers the following five categories:

University-industry-research collaboration

to collaborate with enterprises in Changzhou in addressing technical needs and to promote technology transfer and transformation from Jiangsu university to enterprises. Now the institute has provided product R&D and technology transfer services for a number of enterprises in Changzhou.

IP services

to provide customized IP services including IP consulting, IP system development and promotion, IP entrust, etc., with the support of Jiangsu University National IP Training Base, provincial and municipal research and operation resources.   

Public platform on technical services

To address key generic technical problems for product upgrading and strengthening of overall independent innovation capabilities of the industry by combining resources of flagship enterprises of Changzhou's specific industries with intellectual strengths of Jiangsu University.

Technology commercialisation

to promote scientific and technological achievement transformation and incubate high-tech firms with high-growth potential via supporting graduates of Jiangsu University and returned overseas groups to register companies in Changzhou, and assisting high-tech companies to grow and prosper.

Talent Training

to enhance product design skills and innovative capacity & capabilities through training on theories and methods on modern product design in Changzhou and the Yangzte River Delta. 

The institute aspires to be one with distinctive features, advanced functions and prominent achievements and become a high-tech innovative base for talent training, making its stand over the Yangzte River Delta.