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Technical Needs
No.Technical NeedCategoryDescription
1R&D of low-cost foamed aluminum compositesNew MaterialDevelop foamed aluminum composites according to scenarios in low cost.
2Optimization of injection effect of micro nozzle with micro vortex injectionEnergyAt present, the effect of atomization is not ideal.
3R&D of fire alarm system of belt conveyors in coal mines Computer ScienceDevise a fire-detection and self-extinguishing system for belt conveyors in coal mines. 
4Optimizing the heat transfer in boilersEnergyThe effect of heat transfer in boils is not ideal. Need to find some cost-efficient method for less-heat-loss transfer
5Precise feeding facility for caged breeding chickenMechanical ScienceAt present, chicken feed is transmitted by several spirals from feed tower to feed troughs, during which process some caged chicken will have more feed while others have less. Besides, not every chicken needsthe same amount of feed due to their differences. That's why we need to devise a facility that can feed each chicken with its required amount of feed.
6R&D of new low fuel consumption and multi gear hybrid transmission and its industrialisationAutomobile and Rail TransitThrough university-industry-research collaboration, we want to focus on hybrid transmission system and develop a new low fuel consumption and multi gear hybrid transmission based on research findings on key technologies including transmission efficiency enhancement, decoupling of mechanics and gear structure, compact transmission box design, torque coordinated drive, automatic gear shift, multi-mode drive, integrated design, etc.
7Developing a silicon packaging film for flexible display screenMaterialThe packaging film developed for flexible display screen should be UV- and moisture-resistant and have excellent light transmission and disbanding properties.(⊿b<2,⊿YI<2,haze increase<2%.) It should be resistant to high temperature,high temperature and high humidity , can stand cold and heat cycle, low temperature test, and steady disbanding strength and light transmission performance. When it's under these circumstances, it wouldn't have change in colour or light transmission.
1.high temperature: 80℃*240hr
2.high temperature and high humidity:60℃*90%RH*240hr
3.cold and heat cycle:-40(1hr)*80(1hr)*50cycle
4.low temperature: -40℃*240hr
It is flexible. When twisted or lengthened repeatedly with 10 millimetre diametre curvature, it won't delaminate or fracture.