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Focus Optical Technology

  The research team of nanophysics and optoelectronic materials led by Professor Yan Xiaohong from Jiangsu University, closely combined with the needs of national and social development, based on condensed matter physics as the theoretical basis and nanomaterials as the carrier, has been engaged in the research of rare earth fluorescent materials, photoelectric functional devices, new energy battery materials, nanostructures and nanomaterials, condensed matter theory and computational physics for a long time. They gradually build the relevant basic theoretical system, reveal the structure-activity relationship of nanomaterials, and clarify the internal relationship between material structure and its magnetic, optical, electrical and other physical properties. On this basis they develop new nano-photoelectric materials and form a patent group, which has been approved a number of national patents and awards. 

  Research achievements: we have won 5 national and provincial awards, and we have undertaken more than 20 national, provincial and enterprise cooperation projects in the past three years. Our team has about 50 researchers (including doctor and master) per year, and we have solid basic research and strong application technology development ability.

Key achievements:

1. Rare earth fluorescent materials and solar cells


2. Research on low-vinamil materials and photoelectric devices


3. Related research on secondary battery technology


4. Energy catalytic mechanism