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University-Industry-Research Collaboration

· Technology Development

To conduct or collaborate with enterprises in R&D projects that directly address the technical pain point and the innovation needs including developing new technology, products, processes, materials, or systems.

The projects that have been undertaken or are under development cover a wide range of fields such as agricultural facilities, automobile and transportation, new materials, mechanical engineering and automation, electrical and information engineering, etc. 

R&D Projects:

Development of low-emission gasoline engine for general purposes

Development of adaptive intelligent LED headlamp system for ADB automobile

Development of new butyl rubber damping composites for vehicles

Development of functional film materials

R&D of optimized algorithm for leather layout

R&D of algorithm for cross-stripe fabric layout

Optimization of load automation production line

R&D of automatic packing machine 

R&D of intelligent feeding vehicles for crab culture

Development of ozone micro nano bubble disinfection system for swimming pools

· Technology Assignment

To provide services including patent right assignment, patent licensing.

· Technical Service

Address technical problems with expertise and knowledge.

· Technical Consultation

To provide analytical reports, evaluations or forecast on specific technology development.