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Energy Conservation and Low Carbon Technology Division

  Led by Wang Junfeng, Dean of the School of Energy and Power Engineering, Jiangsu University, the team focuses on the major strategic needs of the country and key issues in the forefront of the development of the discipline. The main research direction is charged multiphase flow and its application in the fields of energy, power and environmental protection, involving basic theoretical research such as electrostatic spray and charged multiphase flow, as well as new technologies of energy conservation and emission reduction. 

  It pays attention to the cross-integration with agricultural engineering, environmental engineering, new energy and modern manufacturing and other disciplines. Centering on "energy saving and emission reduction" and "3060 double carbon target" to achieve technological innovation, they carry out the research and development of electrostatic spray dust removal and flue gas purification, electrostatic spray cooling and environmental cooling, modern plant protection technology, liquid ammonia absorption decarbonization, biomass energy preparation new technology and equipment.


Team leader: Wang Junfeng

Key research directions:

1. Key technologies and equipment for efficient conversion of biomass energy

2. Key technologies and equipment for comprehensive utilization of biomass resources

3. Charged fine water mist efficient gas purification technology and product development (liquid nitrogen decarbonization technology)

4, spray cooling and water mist large space local environment regulation technology and installation

5, electrostatic spraying technology and equipment with high efficiency