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Mechanical Equipment and Machine Vision Application Division

  The Department of Mechanical Equipment and Machine Vision Application is jointly established by the teaching and research teams from the School of Mechanical Engineering and the School of Electrical Engineering of Jiangsu University. It mainly conducts research and design practice in the fields of automation equipment, industrial robots and mechanical equipment. 

  The research directions of the team include: 1. Mechanical automation equipment: aiming at the production link in urgent need of replacing manual in industrial production, the research and development of CNC automation machinery and equipment, including automatic loading and unloading equipment, various non-standard production lines, automatic packaging, etc.; aiming at special equipment, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, research and development of machinery and equipment innovation institutions, CNC technology. 2. Application of machine vision and graphics technology: research and development of visual parts appearance defect detection and size measurement, visual workpiece recognition (position, shape); Graphic algorithm application (material arrangement).

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