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IP Services

· Patent application, certification, standard implementation, pre-warning analysis and patent award application

· Training on various IP activities

Our institute is registered in Changzhou IP Protection Centre for Robots and Intelligent Hardware, which enables us to offer fast pass patent authorization in China.

Fast Pass for Patent Authorization:

Patent for product appearance: 7~10 days from application to authorization

Patent for utility models: 30~40 days from application to authorization

Patent for invention: 60-90 days from application to authorization

PCT application: 

PCT application normally requires to be submitted within 12 months from the priority date. Since domestic authorized patent for invention has greater chance to be authorized as PCT patents, so PCT application through fast track is highly recommended.


Road Map for Our Clients

At the outset, clients entrust us with patent application.      

We will draft application and submit it to Changzhou IP Protection Center as patent owner or the first owner so that feedback will be given within seven workdays.  

Payment: Clients need to pay the application fee before we submit the application.      

National Intellectual Property Bureau will scrutinize the content of the patent and give feedback within 10 days for the first round of patent scrutiny and within 5 days for the second round. 

The patent application will be either rejected or authorized.