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Global Services (Changzhou) Institue

Release time:2023-02-22 Readin:530

Global Service Institute (GSI) is an NGO registered and established in New York in 2014, and Shanghai Quanfu Enterprise Management Service Co., Ltd. is the entity operating organization of the Global Service Institute in China.


Core work: international technical and industrial cooperation;

Six areas of scientific innovation: intelligent manufacturing, environmental resources, energy and power, life science, new materials, electronic information;

Four services: talent service, technical service, industry incubation, investment service.

In 2019, we joined hands with the Global Service Promotion Council to establish the Global Service (Changzhou) Promotion Council. By introducing German Rheinkost resources into the Science and Education City and cooperating with Modern Industry Center, Changzhou Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing dual-cross training Center has been established.



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