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The Institute Awarded “Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Subsidiary of Changzhou Science and Education Town”

Release time:2020-12-21 Readin:75

The Launch Ceremony of Scientific Achievements Transfer and Transformation Centre & Integration Platform of Changzhou Science and Education Town was held in Dusit Longcheng Hotel on December 18. The theme of the ceremony is “connecting global resources to become a highland for technology transfer, making an intelligent park with digital strengths”. Leaders from the governing committee of Science and Education Town, Vice chairman of Technology Exchange Market of China, representatives from municipal and district bureaus, from research institutions and cooperation companies gathered.

During the signing and awarding ceremonies, Changzhou Jiangsu University Institute of Engineering and Technology was awarded “Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Subsidiary” of Changzhou Science and Education Town.

The institute will continue to collaborate with Changzhou municipal government to integrate enterprising forces in agricultural sector and promote the quality development of agricultural and engineering enterprises.

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