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2023 Jiangsu Province "Patent (achievement) auction season" - Production, University and research innovation cooperation base signed

Release time:2023-10-31 Readin:356

On October 30, Changzhou Engineering and Technology institute of Jiangsu University participated in the 2023 Jiangsu Province "Patent (achievement) auction season" new material industry special event. The event was held in Changzhou Science and Education City.


At the meeting, the leaders of Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau awarded the most dynamic science and technology service institution in Changzhou in 2023, and the Institute successfully entered the top 10, ranking No. 3 in 2023.


During the conference, the Institute signed an industry-university-research innovation cooperation base agreement with Jiangsu Pulek Red Plum Masterbatch Co., LTD. Two sides will cooperate closely in the aspects of talents, scientific research, technology development, technology transfer, technical service and production.


At the meeting, Tang Heng, dean of the College of Intellectual Property of Jiangsu University, shared the experience of "accelerating the transfer and transformation of patent achievements in universities". Only by continuously improving the quality of intellectual property can the market value be enhanced.

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