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Magnetic Resonance Venogram

Release time:2023-12-28 Readin:158

Project profile

Magnetic Resonance Venogram (MRV) is the most effective method for the diagnosis of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. The technique is non-invasive and efficient. The imaging principle is that the speed of blood flow will be different due to the different thickness and elasticity of intracranial veins. By optimizing the relevant scanning parameters, the research group showed the blood vessels in the brain through computer imaging technology, and observed the situation of blood vessels more directly and directly, which has become the best method for diagnosing cerebral venous sinus embolism and other veins and venous sinus diseases.

Performance indicators

Advantages of MRV: It can better display the flowing blood without injection of contrast agent; especially the flow rate is relatively slow, background inhibition effect is fantastic, and rapid imaging and convenient positioning is available. After the scanning, the full picture of venous sinus can be shown in different directions to the maximum extent, and there is no special contraindications in skull MRV examination, which can improve the clinical diagnosis rate.

Scope of application and market prospects

MRV is mainly used for diseases related to cerebral venous return obstruction, including cerebral venous sinus and venous thrombosis. MRV examination can determine whether there is venous sinus thrombosis and whether there is cerebral arteriovenous fistula. If there is hemorrhagic cerebral infarction in brain magnetic resonance examination, brain MRV examination should be done to see whether it is caused by venous sinus thrombosis, so as to help clinical accurate judgment of the condition, active and correct treatment, and improve the cure rate.

Investment estimates

Application of existing MR Equipment and post-processing technology.

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