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The invention relates to a friction pendulum self-resetting isolation device based on STP

Release time:2024-01-09 Readin:159

Brief introduction of project results

In this paper, a self-resetting vibration isolation device based on STP-friction pendulum is developed, which is related to the technical field of bridge isolation. It comprises an upper bearing plate, a high damping rubber support, an upper partition plate, a limit slot, a polytetrafluoroethylene sliding layer, a honeycomb cylinder with a through hole, a hollow sleeve, an STP chamber, a stainless steel spherical slide plate, a variable curvature friction plate, a limit plate, a lower partition plate and a lower bearing plate.

The high damping rubber bearing and the upper bearing plate and the lower bearing plate form a high damping rubber isolation part. The upper partition board, the honeycomb cylinder with a through hole, the hollow sleeve, the STP chamber, the stainless steel spherical slide board, the limit plate, and the lower partition board comprise the friction pendulum self-resetting isolation energy dissipation part of the STP. Aiming at the defects that the traditional isolation bearing has limited energy dissipation capacity, single damping force and no self-resetting, the invention makes use of the rate-sensitive characteristics of STP, designs a variable curvature base to realize self-resetting and realize multiple horizontal impact resistance and damping energy dissipation during the isolation process.


Performance indicators

The STP chamber is designed and the limit slot is set to make STP play a role in different displacement stages and improve the energy dissipation capacity. The high damping rubber bearing is connected in parallel with the friction pendulum self-resetting isolation device of STP to realize multiple horizontal energy consumption.

Scope of application and market prospects

The application mainly involves the field of bridge isolation technology.

Investment estimates

Supporting hardware and software equipment, amount: 500,000-2 million yuan.

Means of cooperation

Assignment of patent and interview.

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