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Construction of glycosylation atlas of lower animals

Release time:2024-01-11 Readin:163

Low animals, including invertebrates and microorganisms, have been widely used as bio-manufacturing platforms because of their advantages of green, high efficiency, high yield and sustainability. The construction of glycosylation maps of lower animals is one of the key bases for developing medical protein drugs by using them as bioreactors.

(1) A lectin enrichment/high resolution mass spectrometry method for the identification of complex glycosylation modification structures was established.

Due to the small abundance of sugar chains in complex biological samples, it is generally necessary to obtain them by enrichment and purification. The applicant has rich theoretical and operational experience in the enrichment and purification of sugar chains and glycoproteins. The applicant compared the enrichment efficiency of different lectins for different types of sugar chains, providing a scientific basis for obtaining specific types of sugar chains from complex biological samples

(2) The technical process and experimental platform of glycosylation modification of invertebrates such as silkworms were preliminarily established. 

The applicant summarized the current reported research progress on the structure and function of glycosylation in invertebrates, providing an important reference for further research on the function of glycosylation in lower animals (Zhu, F., Li, D., et al., Open Biol. 2019, 9, 180232). In cooperation with the laboratory of Professor Iain Wilson, an expert in invertebrate glycobiology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Austria, we have established a set of laboratory technical processes for the enrichment, purification and identification of glycosylation modifications in silkworms and other invertebrates. Including ion exchange chromatography, molecular sieve, affinity chromatography, mass spectrometry and exoglycosidase verification and other technical means and methods, to provide detailed and reliable glycosylation modification map for the practical application of baculovirus expression system and silkworm bioreactor (data has not been published).

The result has completely independent intellectual property rights, and is expected to provide services for the engineering transformation of low animal glycosylation and other technical needs, and create objective social benefits.

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