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Biochar material

Release time:2024-01-16 Readin:168

Brief introduction of project results

Sodium-ion batteries are regarded as one of the most promising alternative energy storage devices and have received widespread attention. At present, the development technology of high performance, low cost, high commercial application value and green and safe electrode materials is still the bottleneck restricting the practical use of sodium ion batteries. For this purpose, we have developed a series of biochar materials. Because it is cheap and easy to obtain, it is suitable for industrial application. At the same time, biochar material has good electrical conductivity, relatively low electrochemical potential, stable chemical properties, and excellent electrochemical performance, and is a negative electrode material with great potential for development.

Performance indicators

The electrochemical test shows that the biochar material has high reversible specific capacity and magnification properties. At the current density of about 1 Ag-1, the specific capacity is 180 mA h g-1, and even at the high magnification of 10 Ag-1, the specific capacity can still be maintained at 165 mA h g-1.

Scope of application and market prospects

It can be mainly used in the field of energy storage materials, such as sodium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries and other negative electrode materials.

Investment estimates

The cooperation fund is about 1 million yuan.

Means of cooperation

The unit develops corresponding products and tries to mass produce them, and actively realizes technological research and achievement transformation and industrialization.

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