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High wear-resistant lubrication materials based on water environment

Release time:2024-01-17 Readin:157

Brief introduction of project results

The material has extremely high wear resistance in water environment, good water lubrication adaptability, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, low density, high strength, high toughness, excellent resistance to media erosion, good biocompatibility, and good machining performance. The material can be used as sealing rings, gaskets, bushings and other components for mechanical equipment working in fresh water, seawater and other corrosive low viscosity media.

Performance indicators

Tensile strength: ≥ 80MPa Compressive strength: ≥ 120MPa

Bending strength: ≥ 85MPa Impact toughness: ≥ 15KJ/m2

Density: ≤1.5g/cm3 Saturated water absorption: ≤0.55%

Water environment wear rate: ≤1.0×10-6mm3/Nm

Water environment friction coefficient: ≤0.1

Scope of application and market prospects

The material can be used in fresh water, sea water and other low-viscosity media (temperature range: -50℃-260℃) as sealing rings, gaskets, bushings, plain bearings and other friction parts for a long time.

Investment estimates

Specific investment shall be formulated according to the mode of cooperation.

Means of cooperation

Technology transfer, cooperative development, and technical services.

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