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300GHz terahertz detector chip

Release time:2024-01-18 Readin:161

Brief introduction of project results

In this project, a 300GHz terahertz direct detector chip is prepared based on 40nm CMOS technology. The chip integrates the terahertz on-chip antenna and amplifier, which can effectively detect terahertz signal under the irradiation of terahertz radiation source.


Performance indicators

Under the irradiation of 300GHz terahertz radiation source, the maximum voltage response of the detector is 40kV/W, and the noise equivalent power is 62.5pW/Hz1/2.

Scope of application and market prospects

The 300GHz terahertz detector chip designed in this project can effectively improve the voltage response of the detector, and has a wide application prospect in 6G communication, radar detection, biomedical detection, industrial and agricultural nondestructive testing and other fields.

Investment estimates

RMB 3 million.

Means of cooperation

Transfer, transfer plus commission, cooperative production.

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