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Preparation and application of turf grass matrix block

Release time:2024-01-20 Readin:138

Brief introduction of project results

This paper innovates a method of making matrix blocks for road greening and roof greening based on agricultural waste after high temperature compost, and uses rice husk, crushed rice husk, filamentous straw and livestock manure as raw materials to make matrix blocks suitable for grass root growth. The main features of this kind of products are: 1) the resource utilization of agricultural waste; 2) Rich nutrition, conducive to greening; 3) Good water retention and expansibility.

Performance indicators

Main technical parameters: the decomposed rice husk is crushed, the decomposed straw is kneaded, the moisture content is adjusted to 20% ~ 30%, and the compression ratio of matrix block is 3 ~ 5:1.

Scope of application and market prospects

Scope of application: This product can be used for road greening and roof greening.

Market prospect: This product has simple process, small proportion, low cost, easy transportation and construction management, and is suitable for large-scale production. The market prospect will be very broad.

Ways of cooperation

Technology transfer, technology transaction volume negotiable.

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