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Supercapacitors are prepared with high specific surface activated carbon

Release time:2024-01-21 Readin:164

Brief introduction of project results

As an important part of supercapacitor, electrode material is one of the key factors restricting the performance of supercapacitor. In theory, the specific surface area of carbon materials is proportional to the specific capacitance of supercapacitors, so the specific surface size of carbon materials is one of the important indicators to measure the electrochemical performance of supercapacitors.

At present, the electrode material of supercapacitors is mainly commercially available activated carbon, whose specific surface area is mainly between 1500 and 2000㎡/g, and the lack of specific surface of carbon materials seriously limits the energy density of supercapacitors. At present, we have invented a new activated carbon preparation process, combined with this process to improve the traditional activated carbon preparation equipment, and successfully prepared high-quality activated carbon with a small ash (< 0.3 wt.%), high specific surface area (> 3500 ㎡/g), good electrical conductivity (> 500 S/m), and reasonable aperture distribution.

At present, the carbon material has been pilot-produced at the hectogram level on the improved equipment. The capacity of the supercapacitor constructed by using the activated carbon as the electrode material of the supercapacitor is 50% higher than that of the commercial supercapacitor, and has a better magnmagnation and wide temperature range (-100℃-60℃).

 Patent Application No. 201810512630.5 for physical activation preparation method of ultra-high specific surface area microporous carbon

Patent application No. 201810512691.1 for a preparation method of ultra-low temperature and high capacity supercapacitor

Scope of application and market prospects

High performance supercapacitor electrode material.

Investment estimates

1.2 million.

Means of cooperation

Joint development.

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