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Pump system energy saving

Release time:2024-04-01 Readin:117

1. Energy consumption evaluation technology of pump system.

It mainly includes portable pump energy consumption evaluation instrument, pump energy consumption analysis expert system, pump performance online monitoring system, energy consumption evaluation method of industrial circulating water system based on heat transfer mechanism and other core technologies. It can test and analyze the energy consumption of pump system without interfering with the normal operation of pump system, and tap the energy saving potential of pump system as far as possible.

2. Pump system energy-saving technology

It mainly includes the self-learning performance of the variable pressure and flow technology, water supply system model variable parameter operation control technology, pump configuration and selection technology based on economic and reliable objectives, the pump system operation energy consumption simulation platform based on FLOWMASTER and other core technologies, which can realize the deep exploration of the energy saving potential of the pump system from the perspective of system and operation.

3. pump single energy saving technology.

It mainly consists of multi-condition pump design technology, hydraulic optimization design technology based on CFD analysis technology, full-head no-overload technology, shunt blade technology and other core technologies, which can improve the operation efficiency of the single unit as far as possible under the premise of realizing system matching.

4. Pump system energy consumption monitoring technology.

It is mainly composed of pump energy consumption optimization and operation controller, and pump system energy consumption monitoring system based on the Internet of Things. It realizes energy consumption monitoring of pump system based on cloud computing and big data, and realizes multi-functional management platform such as energy consumption monitoring, early warning and operation control.

At present, the technology covers urban water supply system, industrial circulating water system (chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, iron and steel, metallurgy, electric power and other industries), sewage treatment system, mining pump system and other pump fields, among which the energy saving research for industrial circulating water system and urban water supply system has made breakthrough progress, and has been successfully applied in a number of enterprises. At present, it has won a number of provincial and ministerial awards, including the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education, and the Science and Technology Progress Award of Jiangsu Province. Its main indicators are as follows:

1. At present, the comprehensive power saving rate of the renovation project is more than 30%, and the system runs stably, almost without any negative effects, and the vibration and noise performance has been improved to a certain extent.


2. In the implementation process, the basic principle of site construction is not to affect the normal progress of production, and the whole construction process ensures safe and reliable implementation.

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