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Synthesis and application of high performance hydrogen production catalysts

Release time:2024-04-11 Readin:122

Brief introduction of project results

The synthesis of high performance precious metal palladium catalyst shows excellent catalytic performance in the process of producing hydrogen from formic acid. In particular, there are innovative research results in the regulation of nucleation and growth of palladium particles by multifunctional carriers. The realization of controllable hydrogen supply at room temperature is expected to provide theoretical basis and technical support for hydrogen fuel cell hydrogen supply system.

Performance indicators

1) Activity of catalyst;

2) Hydrogen selectivity of catalyst;

3) Cyclic stability of catalyst.


Scope of application and market prospects

Hydrogen is considered to be the most promising energy carrier in the future due to its high calorific value, non-polluting and renewable characteristics. The liquid hydrogen storage compound formic acid has a high hydrogen content (4.4 wt.%), is easy to synthesize efficiently, low toxicity, and easy to store and transport, and can produce hydrogen rapidly under the action of catalysts (HCOOHH2 + CO2), which makes it show great potential in hydrogen fuel cell applications. At the same time, the positive response to the national green hydrogen energy policy has a pivotal role in the improvement of the environment and ecology, and has broad market development prospects.


Investment estimates

1) Expenditure of scientific research related supplies, including equipment, raw material purchase, material characterization testing, journal layout fees, etc.;

2) Postgraduate training;

3) Academic exchanges at home and abroad.



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