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Design and development of high efficiency and low noise vane pump

Release time:2024-04-23 Readin:113

The Fluid Machinery and Engineering discipline of Jiangsu University is the only national key discipline in China featuring pump research, design and product development. It has the National Pump and System Engineering Technology Research Center and the Key Laboratory of Centrifugal Pumps of China Machinery Industry. At the same time, there are machinery industry drainage and irrigation machinery product quality supervision and testing center, light industry special pump quality supervision and testing center and Jiangsu Province quality and technical supervision pump product quality testing station.

With the background of major national needs such as ship low noise pumps, nuclear electric pumps, and ultra-high speed jet fuel centrifugal pumps, the project research team focused on complex flow excitation mechanism and key technical issues of fluid machinery, deeply explored the theory and control of flow excitation in pumps, established special fluid machinery design theories and methods, and successfully developed multi-type low noise ship pumps. Relevant theories and technologies are also applied in the field of nuclear power and national defense, which promotes the solution of the key design technology jams of high-end fluid machinery, and serves important strategic fields such as national defense and nuclear power.

Through cooperation with Shengu Group, Harbin Electric Group, AVC and other units, the research team has successfully developed multiple types of special fluid machinery, including electric auxiliary pump, charge pump, axial flow main pump and a certain type of ultra-high speed centrifugal pump, of which the electric auxiliary pump has been in continuous operation for more than 1 year in the "Hualong One" overseas first batch K2/K3 project in Pakistan, helping the nuclear power plant to achieve grid-connected power generation.

The project research team has accumulated rich design and development experience in the field of high-end vane pump design, and can complete the design and development of different types of blades.


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