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Changzhou Engineering and Technology Institute of Jiangsu University participating in the manufacturing automation national engineering research center Jiangsu University branch center opening ceremon

Release time:2023-11-23 Readin:232

On the morning of November 23th, 2023, the opening ceremony of the Jiangsu University Branch Center of the National Engineering Research Center of Manufacturing Automation and the expert report meeting was held in the first lecture hall of the Conference Center of Jiangsu University. Wang Zhenlin, Party Secretary and Chairman of Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute Co., LTD.; Wu Shuang, Deputy general manager; Liu Xin, Deputy general manager; Li Hongbo, Party Secretary of Jiangsu University, and Li Hong, vice president of Jiangsu University attended the meeting.


Professor Li Hongbo, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu University, delivered a speech and extended a warm welcome to the visit of the delegation. The scientific research advantages of Jiangsu University are highly in line with the industrial development needs of BMIARI, and the two sides have decided to jointly build "Jiangsu University Branch Center of National Engineering Research Center for Manufacturing Automation" to advance hand in hand in scientific research, talent training, platform construction and other aspects to achieve a win-win.


Vice General Manager Liu Xin and Vice President Li Hong jointly unveiled the "Jiangsu University Branch Center of National Engineering Research Center for Manufacturing Automation".


Secretary Li Hongbo presented the appointment letter of guest professor of Jiangsu University to Chairman Wang Zhenlin and wore the school badge. Professor Wang Zhenlin said that it was a great honor to serve as a guest professor of Jiangsu University, hoping that two sides will establish a closer cooperation mechanism for university-enterprise docking in the future.



After the appointment ceremony, Chairman Wang Zhenlin made a report on "Integration of industry and education under the Background of Building a new development pattern".


The co-construction of engineering research center is a great contribution made by Changzhou Institute to the Alma mater in exploring the multi-collaborative mode of integration of industry and education. In the future, Changzhou Institute will continue to give full play to the characteristics and advantages of industry-university-research cooperation bases, enable industrial development with interdisciplinary innovation, strengthen exchanges with large-scale institutes and companies, and promote the deep integration of schools and localities.


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