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Technology from Jiangsu University Demonstrated on National Stage

Release time:2020-11-04 Readin:110

On the National Aquaculture Mechanical Demonstration Meeting held in Changzhou on November 4, the multi-function self cruise vehicle from Jiangsu University was demonstrated before experts and representatives from the industry and was well acclaimed. 


According to the inventor Professor Zhao De' an, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, the vehicle integrates technologies in AI, Internet of Things, automatic navigation and big data, and can undertake the task of bait shooting and pesticide spraying based on instructions designated by the fishermen using a mobile-phone application. It greatly reduces the manual workload of fishermen, operates easily and works more accurately compared to the unmanned drone.

In line with the national policy to promote the mechanization of aquaculture industry, the vehicle and its customized versions are likely to bring greater social and economic benefits to the fishermen.


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